Helping the Community in Paternoster

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Welcome to our Community of Paternoster, a working West Coast fishing village. Come fall in love with our Mediterranean climate, our views, our beaches and our people. Blessed by the  Atlantic Ocean, Paternoster is truly unique in its beauty and tranquillity. 
We invite you to make your home amongst us and experience the magic of Paternoster. You will breathe the clean air, experience the extraordinary sunsets and  help us develop Paternoster and our community, into a sustainable model for future prosperity. 


This is South Africa at its most beautiful and at its most rewarding.

These are the projects we’re committed to

Community Vegetable Garden

Paternoster Community Vegetable Garden

The food harvested here directly benefits the local Community members through improving their diet, and in turn, their health, as well as saving them money. This is vital as dietary deficiencies are rife within the community.

School Feeding Initiative

Paternoster School Feeding Initiative

We have partnered with the Paternoster People’s Partnership to ensure that the school children of Paternoster remain well fed. After all, a well-fed child is able to grow, and concentrate and in turn learn. Between 150 - 180 children get fed on a daily basis through this initiative.

Paternoster Heroes Programme

Paternoster Heroes Programme

We realize that Paternoster could be quite isolated for the community and so we have partnered with some of the top sportspeople in South Africa in order to bring the heroes to our community. In this way, Paternoster gets the best of the best teaching them the sports that they love. This has had enormous success with the children – imagine being taught by your sports hero! Not only are they exposed to world-class athletes, but these heroes carry with them values and principles that are caught by our children, not taught – some things cannot be taught.

Paternoster Neighbourhood Watch

Paternoster Neighbourhood Watch

We are also part of a bigger intervention, namely the Paternoster Neighbourhood Watch, where businesses of Paternoster have put finances towards job creation for 15 community members to patrol Paternoster at night and who report any suspicious activity to a Security Company to improve the safety of all within Paternoster. This creates a safe environment for the children as well.

Livelihoods Assessments Project

Paternoster Livelihoods Assessments Project

Paternoster Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd have been property owners within Paternoster since 1957 and have been the major property owners for the past 30 years, at least.


It is said that Paternoster is one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast, with the first people being of Khoi origin. It is uncertain who settled there next, however today there are over 2500 inhabitants (taken from the average predicted population growth rate and 2001 Census data), where the predominant race remains coloured, followed by white and the minority group is black.


Today, as in the past, the majority of the community survives on fishing, and it is apparent to all that this livelihood strategy is becoming less and less effective with the rapid decline in fish stocks over the past few years. There is a great need to assess the current livelihood strategies of the people of Paternoster, and together, evaluate the different future options and alternatives, where required, for livelihood strategies of those that are currently dependent on the sea.


We therefore requested that a Livelihoods Assessment be undertaken, by Human Nature, of the community of Paternoster, in order to better understand their perceptions, their livelihood strategies, their needs, and the community at large. It has done so, so that the company can seek to intervene, where possible, so that the quality of life for all in Paternoster can be improved, working together in order to accomplish a joint vision for this fishing village.

Paternoster Crayfish Wharf

Paternoster Crayfish Wharf

We’re so excited about the latest market festival hosted by the Paternoster Crayfish Wharf!


This time it’s all about Bubbly & Oysters. As always there will be a wide selection of seafood, craft beer, wine, arts, and music on offer.


These events have been hugely successful for Paternoster. Usually, our seaside village experiences a quiet period during these months, but bed rentals soared to over 90% and we have welcomed more than five thousand people (wow!) to our town because of these markets. The Wharf is growing and building away - always looking to improve. This weekend sees the opening of a new restaurant and tapas bar, which means they are now open 24/7! Enjoy local delicacies at two permanent restaurants and a tapas bar at the Paternoster Crayfish Wharf.


The motivation of Paternoster Fishery has always been to build alternative revenue models for our community. Fishing sources are depleting and they are proactively trying to grow tourist infrastructure in our town. They are up-skilling members of our community in hospitality and tourism and investing in new businesses (a laundromat, The Crayfish Wharf, and restaurants).


The parking structure is managed by community members and they receive the parking fees. The entrance fees were used to sponsor the Paternoster Educare Centre and the Paternoster Rugby Team.


This weekend we welcome you to sample our sustainable home-grown oysters, followed by a glass of West Coast bubbly. Become part of the gees that is putting us on the map!

Beach Clean Up Team

Paternoster Beach Clean Up Team

We run the Community Clean Up Team, where a group of over 20 women clean the beaches and streets of Paternoster, which has multiple positive spin offs, including job creation for these women and their families; a clean Community – which improves the health and wellbeing of everyone within Paternoster and fosters a cleaner community mind-set; and a neat Paternoster which has a direct impact on increased tourism to the town – this in turn improves the direct economy within Paternoster.

Paternster Socio Economic Projects

Paternoster People’s Partnership

Paternoster Food Garden

Paternoster Children’s Feeding Initiative

Team Green